New to our site?

Let me begin by giving you a warm word of welcome.

One of the things we find most difficult in life is going somewhere new for the first time. It is made especially difficult if we do not know anyone there or have no one to go with.

However, Church should not be like that. The Church should be one of the most welcoming and friendly places on the planet!

At Gardenstown FPC, we try our best to make everyone feel welcome at our services. So if you have never been along to a service with us, why not come along and see for yourself.

What to expect at our services

At Gardenstown FPC, we believe our worship is ‘God-centred’, and not ‘man-centred’. There is a distinction between the two. ‘God-centred’ worship is worshipping God as He teaches us to in the Bible. This includes reverence and order in the service. ‘Man-centred’ worshipped is man choosing ‘worship’ based on the idea of what makes him ‘happy’, or gives him the greater ‘buzz’.

Therefore, at our services we sing the traditional Psalms (they are inspired after all), sound doctrinal and God glorifying hymns directed to the Lord, and scriptural pharaphrases. We read systematically through the Bible in our morning and evening services, and we enjoy the preaching of God’s Word.

As a Protestant and Reformed Church, we believe the preaching to be central to our worship. Many Churches today have abandoned the centrality of preaching in their services, giving just a few minutes to a little ‘epilogue’, or ‘thought for the week’. A Minister said many years ago, ‘weak preaching makes weak Christians, poor preaching makes poor Christians, and sound preaching makes sound Christians’.

Is there something for the family?

We are always delighted to see children come along to the services. The Lord Jesus himself said “suffer little children to come unto me”. Maybe you are worried that your children will make a little bit of noise or fidget, please don’t! We are used to children in our services and if you have very little ones who need your attention, you can make use of our ‘cry room’ in the hall which still allows you to see and hear the service.

It is our desire, in the will of the Lord, to have plentiful activities for children and the family. So come along, join us, and help us make it happen!

We trust that this little insight into our Church has been helpful to you. But as is so often the case, the best thing to do is come, and see for yourself.

If we can be any help to you in spiritual matters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Every blessing

Rev Craig Dennison
(On behalf of the congregation at Gardenstown FPC)