What is salvation?

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This is the most important issue that we can ever deal with in our lives.

We can make ourselves busy spending time buying a house, a car, raising the kids. But the most important matter in the whole world: is the matter of our soul’s salvation.

Why do I need salvation?

Put very simply: we need salvation because we have sinned against God by breaking His Holy law. We must understand that God is a Holy and Righteous God, who detests sin. Because God is Holy, He cannot overlook sin; He demands justice for our crimes committed against Him.

How do I pay for my sins?

The only way we could pay, or make atonement for our sins would be by spending an eternity in hell.

Is there no other way for me to be forgiven my sins?

Thankfully there is! This is the salvation that God has provided for the sinner. The Bible teaches us:

John 3:17 “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved”.

God’s way of satisfying the justice He demands for the law we broke, was to send his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be the sinner’s substitute. On the cross of Calvary, the Lord Jesus took the guilt of the sinner, and the punishment due to the sinner. He died that atoning death on behalf of the sinner. The merits of his work have been made effectual to the soul of the believing sinner.

Is there anything I have to do for salvation?

There is nothing you can do. The Lord Jesus has done it all. If you think you can work for salvation, you are trying to add to the work that God has already done. The responsibility that man has, is to “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 16:31).

No person can have salvation without faith. Hebrews 11:6 tells us “but without faith it is impossible to please him”.

I believe in God and the Bible to be true, is this enough?

No dear friend, you must see that you are hopelessly lost, and without Christ having made atonement for your sins, you will be eternally damned.

I don’t think I could keep it

The truth is, you can’t keep God’s salvation, but God keeps you through His salvation to you.

There are many today who make a profession because they don’t want to go to hell, or they think that they will have material or physical blessings as a result. The sad fact is, they have only made a false profession of faith. They did not genuinely turn away from their sin to true believing faith in Christ.

What help do I have?

Most importantly, you have the help of the Holy Spirit, who sanctifies and purifies your heart.

You have the ability to communicate with God in prayer.

There is the Holy Bible which is God’s revealed Word to learn from.

There is the Church family which seeks to help and encourage you in the faith.

I have more questions, can you help?

Of course, that is why we are here.  Please get in touch by phone or e-mail, or come to Church and meet up with us there.

Every blessing

Rev Craig Dennison